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Thread: Help Set up OS X Server via OS X Client

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    Default Help Set up OS X Server via OS X Client

    Being a live sound guy, I don't have too much time to wade thru various .conf files and read a bunch of step-by-step HOWTO's from all the various google responses.
    I know in the Linux community I'd get told RTFM(an-pages), but what I've come to love about the Gurus' community is that someone has always been in similar situations and would rather go about their business then hunker down in the bowels of Geek-BSDom and feel a sense of comaradely in helping someone else while checking out the forums.

    Here's the scenario:
    I have a rackmount Frankenmac 533DA
    HL-DT-ST CDRW/DVD GCC - 44808
    (stock Apple Opto-Drive on Stock ATA bus, original huh?)
    Acard6280M (ata)
    w/Maxtor 40(GB) 6E040L0 (as a system disk)
    2xBarracuda (80GB) ST380011A (Cubase/Logic&/or FCP recording drives in mobile drive racks)
    All stuck in a 4U 19" Atx Chasis w/Compaq 15"LCD/Keyboard/trackpad custom built (A.T.A. spec) shock-mount-rack case
    This is the hub for RTA tuning Sound Reinforcement Systems and for tracking Live Recordings (for the audio geeks, esp. M.Brane, I got myself a Firepod fed from Mackie 8-bus outs, of course the house get's the L+R Master).
    Although I don't advertise that I can record video, I can, hence the 2 80gig barracuda's.
    Unfortuantly I can only do so via my old VHS-c RCA Camcorder (it's all I have at the moment) thru an ol ' MiroDC30+ (thanks Squared5), although that's a tangent I don't need/want to get into.
    Since what I'd like to be my main OSXCapable machine is whored out to all the Country/Goth/Punk/Metal/Spoiled_brat-kids, I decided to bring ol' Goss (Beige G3 Tower) out of retirement to backup the actual live tracks while I mix them down to CD-R when getting home (and thankfully hooking up to my 19"Mitsubishi CRT which may be old, but is still shining pretty).
    After jumping through XPostFacto hoops and all that jazz, I have resurrected the machine to boot Panther (sans-updates).
    I decided I'd see what it was like using this old beast as a Internet Connection Sharing Gateway.
    Although our Dial-Up service in the country is so slow I can load 3-5 pages (and go take a shower while they're still loading), I decided that after I went through the hoops of getting this thing to boot Panther and share a connection, I thought that surely by now someone has to have taken all the pain and hassle out of setting up a regular OSX Installation to be close to a full blown server. Lo and behold, It seems to be the truth, as per this old article via LowEndMac Only problem is that it seems that Postfix Enabler doesn't load (and I'm downloading DNSHelper as I'm writing this). I'm wondering if I should go ahead and go all the way to 10.3.9 (have the combo downloaded for back when the DA got updates burned to CD's from the wifes' work computer @ the university) or just chuck Panther altogether and try all this with Tiger on a lowly 266MHzG3 w/256MB's RAM
    From my experience with Tiger on my DA, I don't believe I have enough RAM in the G3 to consider this, but since I'm not doing any major A/V or Graphix editing stuff, who knows...The one thing I know for sure is we don't have incriminating files or a need for Ultra-Secure file browsing/sharing as we don't do "wireless" and anyone trying to screw with us that way would stick out like a sore thumb where I live,
    for any eBay/paypal/'net_shopp-ing I'm thinking of using SquidMan just to acquire a lil' bit of speed for our lowsy connection rates and better financial security for when we do shop the outside world.
    I don't know, is setting up BIND as a alternate/backup server to our DialUp's DNS worth the effort? Especially with wanting to run Squid? Although the long day/nights of the week of the 4th is finaly done for me, I have wrap-up to do as well as serious gear cleaning/maintenance, but I would also like to utilize the Guru's to help configure the "poor/lazy man's server" in the days/weeks to come.
    What do you think?

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    Good to see you here Bill. Long time no post. Looks like you've been a busy dude!

    I dunno about the low RAM on the Beige. Mine is maxed out, and while it was useable in Panther it was still a dog compared to my stock Gigabit. It has since gone back to being a 9-only machine though I've been mulling over the possibility of trying Tiger on it just to see what she'll do.

    Never messed with any of that server stuff so I can't be of much help with that. I know for a server you don't necessarily need a fast CPU, but you do need good disk I/O.

    I've seen plenty of early G4s going for under $200 around these parts lately. At those prices I don't think it makes much financial sense to throw money at a Beige, but there is always the challenge aspect.

    ZIFs are awfully cheap these days.

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    Hello Bill,

    256MB RAM isn't enough, 512MB for 10.2 and 768MB (Maxed Out) for everything higher.

    Also a new/faster 5$ Ethernet card (Realtek chipset, cuz realtek has drivers for OS8.5 to OSX, see here: cuz the Beige only has 10MBit ethernet build in way to slow for a server and for sure to slow for copying large audio data to and from it.

    I suggest put in 512MB RAM, install an ethernet card and run it on 10.2 with or without SharePoints (depends on if you want shared folders like in OS9).

    I know some people running a beige as server, with external SCSI RAID boxes or with internal ATA/SATA drives on a controller card as well on 10.2 without any problems for years.

    EDIT: Realtek 8139c card 1.99$ +3.50$ shipping ok thats $5.49 total at ebay


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