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    Lightbulb WD740GD Raptor Reviews

    WD 10K Raptor 74GB
    To give its 10K-RPM Serial ATA drives more widespread appeal, Western Digital upped the Raptor's capacity to 74GB for the WD740GD model, but didn't stop there. The new Raptor's internals have also been tweaked to give the drive faster seek times and transfer rates, lower noise levels, and support for command queuing. The Raptor packs a five-year warranty.

    If you're looking for the fastest performance for single-user applications, it doesn't get much better than the WD740GD. The original Raptor was already an impressive performer, and its successor's improved performance and larger capacity take the goodness to the next level.

    Unfortunately, as great as the WD740GD is in single-user applications, the drive doesn't scale nearly as well as 10K RPM SCSI disks under multi-user loads. The WD740GD's tagged command queuing support should help boost multi-user performance, but this capability won't be tapped until controller cards arrive with TCQ support.

    Ironically, it appears the Raptor may have met its greatest success not in the server market but rather with the enthusiast/gaming community itself. The Raptor's firmware, designed by a company that had already proved itself as the best at optimizing for the desktop, allowed it to match and even exceed the single-user performance delivered by the latest-generation 10k RPM SCSI units.

    Storage Review Raptor review
    StorageReview has the first benchmarks of Western Digital's new Raptor WD740GB, and the 10K RPM Serial ATA drive's performance looks impressive indeed. Can't wait to see the full review.

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    Raptor 74gb made in December 2004, and it has 4 jumpers on the back labelled: SSC_DIS, PM2, OPT1, OPT2.
    SSC_DIS came with a jumper on it, the rest are left open.
    SSC is Spread Spectrum Clocking. Some drives have to be jumpered to enable this option, and some have to be jumpered to disable it (!) I guess yours is "jumper to disable".
    PM2 is power management - start without spin-up.
    OP1 & OPT2 are "factory use only".
    WD jumper info

    SATA Raptor firmware; jumpers to enable/disable SCC SR Forums.

    Raptor Software Utilities
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