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Thread: Ibook Airport Problem

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    Default Ibook Airport Problem

    The Airport connection in my Ibook G3/900 running 10.4.6 ran flawlessly up until about a week ago. It will immediately recognize my wireless network upon startup but will drop it within a minute and there will be no trace of the signal in network connections. Rebooting a few times solves the problem. I know it's not the signal, I have other computers running on it while the problem occurs. Is it the card or is it a software fix?

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    You could try re-seating the Airport card if you haven't already.

    I don't remember if the Airport antenna on an iBook runs through the upper case (I think it does). Could be that the wire has fatigued at the hinge, and causes it to lose the signal. That would be a lot more work to fix on an iBook.

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    While you're checking on the seating of the card, also check the antenna connection and wire.

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