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    Default RAM Mixing

    Currently I have a G4 PB 1GHz Titanium running 10.4.8 with following RAM configuration: two 256 MB SDRAM PC133U-333 RAM Chips.

    I just got a G3 500 MHz PB (Pismo) running 10.4.8 with the following RAM configuration: a 128 MB SDRAM PC100-322S RAM chip and a 512 MB PC100-222S RAM chip.

    I would like to take the 512 MB chip from the Pismo and replace one of the 256 MB chips in the Titanium (putting that in the Pismo). Would there be any problems with me doing this. Physically they are the same size.


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    Default "should" be ok

    That PC100 512 2-2-2 should run at 133 with higher timings, about all you can do is try it.

    Going from the 133 Ti down to 100 is fine of course.

    Is th 512 chip marked with anything, you can always look up the chip information on Google, but most chips that are 512's run at PC100/PC133.
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