Hi guys,

I'm trying to raise funds for a new Mac purchase (my first *new* Mac in 7 years! ) so I think it's time to part with a few CPU upgrades I have in my older Macs. I have two for sale, but I made a separate thread for each.

This one is a dual 1.8 (full specs below). It's been running in my Digital Audio G4 (originally dual 533) for about 6 months or so. It's fast and cool-running, and I would imagine still has 2.5 years left on the warranty (assuming it's transferrable? I have to check).

The current price for this model, brand new, is $579.99. A bit pricey if you ask me. Does $400 seem fair for a lightly used unit? I'll pay for shipping (as long as you're in the continental US).

If anyone's interested, please let me know.

Specs: Newer Technology MAXPower G4/7447A Dual 1.8GHz Processor Upgrade for the Power Macintosh G4 AGP (Uni-N 7 or later) "Sawtooth", Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, and Quicksilver/Quicksilver 2002 Systems.