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Thread: iMac/cable modem problem

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    Default iMac/cable modem problem

    I had loads of trouble getting my new iMac to connect to the internet through my broadband cable modem, even though my old G3 had never had problems.

    Apple were brilliant. They replaced my brand new iMac with another brand new iMac, which also didn't work. So, first conclusion: there is nothing wrong with the iMac!

    The fault? Either the modem, or the cable company's mainframe, wouldn't accept a new MAC address, even though they're supposed to accept four or more.

    The cure, or rather the getround: I bought a Belkin Router (they're about $80 in the UK), and part of the set-up process, still using the G3, is that the router CLONES the original MAC address, so that when the new machine communicates with the router and then the modem, the cable system thinks that the old machine is still there.

    Not 100% satisfactory, of course, but it does work.

    Trouble is that if the router packs up, I am in the crap again, so now I am going to try and persuade the cable company (Virgin/ntl) to sort their end out.

    So if you have a working computer/internet link and update your computer, be careful, as this might happen to you.

    Allen, London.

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    I think OS X 10.4 lets you use a different Mac address. Routers are excellent to use, they do the DHCP better, add firewall.

    With some ISPs they detect new equipment and send you to a special page. Automatically. I don't see a downside to using a router/switch.

    Some routers don't work with Tiger. There are tutorials and reports on the usual places like MacFixit and MacIntouch as well as Apple.

    And you may need to disable IPv6. There is a "troubleshooting broadband" article in Apple knowledge base or from our own networking FAQ forum.

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