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    Lightbulb Vista SP1 EFI Support

    Late last month, word on the street was that the first service pack for Windows Vista might have been delayed until next year.

    Vista SP1 will become available some time in the first quarter of 2008.

    The upcoming service pack will largely be a collection of existing patches along with a handful of novelties, such as support for the exFAT file system and the Extensible Firmware Interface. The site also quotes Shanen Boettcher, the General Manager of Microsoft's Windows Unit, as saying that Vista SP1 "is not a delivery vehicle for lots of features.

    Changes likely in the upcoming service pack include:
    speedier file copies and system shutdowns
    SD Advanced Direct Memory Access support
    ExFat flash file system support
    BitLocker drive encryption improvements,
    Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) support for 64-bit
    Remote Assistance connections
    Firewall improvements
    • Reliability and performance updates
    • Administrative improvements
    • Newfound support for some of the newer standards
    It'll also include all the updates, patches and nonpatches that have been released between Vista going RTM (release to manufacturing) late last year and now,

    Other enhancements expected in SP1 include improved performance when copying files and shutting down the computer, support for SD Advanced Direct Memory Access, support for the Windows flash file system exFAT, the ability to boot using EFI instead of BIOS on 64-bit x86 machines.

    FAQ: Say hello to Vista SP1

    To get the EU's Competition Commission and its bulldog chief, Neelie Kroes, off its back last year, Microsoft bowed to criticism from the likes of Symantec Corp. and McAfee Inc. and promised to produce several application programming interfaces (API) that would give security vendors some access to the kernel of 64-bit Vista, Microsoft's PatchGuard protection schemes notwithstanding. Also in SP1: another API that allows security companies to better integrate their product's on-screen status features with Vista's built-in Windows Security Center.

    SP1 adds support for the exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) file system, which is used on flash-based storage devices, typically on Microsoft CE-based devices. The 64-bit version of Vista SP1 also adds Extensible Firmware Interface support, letting 64-bit PCs network boot with this BIOS replacement. "Network boot," by the way, refers to cranking up a PC remotely and often applies to diskless clients that run their operating system and applications off the network.

    BitLocker whole drive encryption tool within some Vista offerings -- Ultimate and Enterprise only -- has been updated so it can encrypt any local drive, not just the primary, or c:, drive. And the Network Diagnostics tool has been enhanced, says Microsoft.

    White Paper

    Installing the service pack will require a large amount of free disk space (7 GB for x86 and 12 GB for x64). However, most of this space will be reclaimed after installation.
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