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Thread: Service manuals for Canon BJC85

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    Default Service manuals for Canon BJC85

    Anyone now where I can get a service manual for this printer, got 3 handed to me and got one working. Well it worked for a while then just started giving me serveral error beeps. I found a table of error codes but no service manual like info unless I want to pay more than the printers are worth. This old stuff should be free.
    if you can point me in a direction that would help?
    Thanks Bob

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    You might try here Canon BJC85

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    Default user manual only

    I have tracked the error code to waste ink tank full, fortunately a had a new bottom section which includes the waste tank or should I say diaper. I have replaced it but still get the error, looking for a reset of sorts but can not fine any thing. There is a cr3032 battery but can figure out how to get the darn thing out, thinking that may reset the unit, no buttons on the board and no labeled jumpers or pin to grd

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    Here? No go. Then how about here. Good Luck

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    Default no manual but success

    Thanks for the input but those were all the same I found. Some lead you down the path or free only to require donations to organizatons before allowing access. I doubt they even have the manuals. but I did find useful stuff along the way

    Found an error code list here for the BJC-85 if the power and error light both blinks followed by 5 beeps your waste ink tank(sponge) is full. the printer will not print until you see your Canon Service Tech.

    Then I went to a site I have used before an had not bother to look at when it should have been the first stop. It appears that Canon is very tight lipped about their reset codes. and there was alot of dialog about waste ink full issues. There were some very anti Canon people fed up with a perfect good printer that stops working and that can not be simply emptied, cleaned or replaced and put back in service. Which is how I ended up with the printers in the first place. A tech friend had two of these that failed stop printing flashing error light and had purchase two "base units" which includes the waste sponge and all the lower carriage parts, he even commented to me how easy it was to buy parts from Canon. They sold him the parts but made no mention of the need to reset the counter so when he replaced the first one the printer still did not work, he gave up I ended up with his trash. and the new parts. A search of the forums finally lead here resets for pratically every Canon inkjet. There search and threads are not nearly as user friendly as the Gurus.

    Here is the Waste Tank Full reset.

    Canon BJC-50 BJC-55 BJC-80 BJC-85 M40 M70
    1: Unplug Power Cord
    2: Hold POWER and RESUME buttons
    3: Plug in Power Cord
    4: Release buttons after the printers starts up
    5: Hold CARTRIDGE and RESUME
    6: Press POWER
    7: Release all buttons after the beeps
    8: Press CARTRIDGE 16 times
    9: Press RESUME
    10: Unplug the Power cord

    The printer apparently counts the number of times you purge/clean the print head and knows when the sponge is full, and they were full.

    Hope this will help others.

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