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Thread: External Firewire/USB HD

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    Default External Firewire/USB HD

    A few months ago I got a cheap 250G external hard drive with a Firewire/USB enclosure.

    Works great via USB. Any time I tried using it with Firewire, the disk got corrupted to the point where neither Apple's Disk Utility nor DiskWarrior could repair it.

    So I figured maybe a firmware update on the Firewire bridge would help. No dice. Same issues.

    Well, this isn't a huge issue because I have just used the drive with USB exclusively ever since.

    But if anyone has any ideas about the firewire issue, I'd appreciate it. It would be nice to have a bootable partition on this external drive and afaik you can only boot with a Firewire disk, not with USB. Advice?

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    Which Mac do you intend to boot with it?
    Which bridge does it use?
    FW can be useful, or trouble, and prices can vary from $39 to $199.

    Cables, FW port, PCI card, as well as bridge.

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    What TZ said.

    Could be an old FW bridge that is problematic, could be a bad FW cable, or perhaps erasing the drive will help. Outside of a different case or drive, I think that's about the extent of your options.

    There is the outside chance that your OS is wonky, or support for your FW device is not stellar in the version you are running. Over the years there have been a few OS upates that have caused problems with some FW bridges.

    The last variable is the chance that your Mac or device FW port is not working correctly.....though usually one would expect either a device to work or not work, not kind of work if a port is damaged.
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