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Thread: Giga dual 1.8 in a 867 Quicksilver --- Normal Temps?

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    I have seen this eat a lot of CPU also. Never crashed but does it's thing for 5 10 minutes.
    What happened was a few weeks ago I reinstalled the OS after one of the USB ports in my apple keyboard failed to recognize my headset as an output device. The port must have been dead.. I thought it was a crazy software problem because the system recognized and allowed the use of the mic in the headset, but would not output sound.
    Some devices need a powered USB Port others do not. This may be a problem as I do not believe the keyboard is.

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    Interestingly enough, the port worked fine for months. Then all of a sudden it "died" while i was in a sound program called Amedeus 2. I ws tinkering with some settings and thats why I thought it was a software issue and reinstalled the OS in the first place... Somehow the port got somewhat disabled because eventually i swapped it with the port i have for the mouse and its just fine. Even the mouse runs on the "tainted" port, but if i try to use the USB headset it wont output. I also have another USB headset I use for the playstation and it didnt work on the "tainted" port. They both work fully on the other port on the keyboard though.

    the mdimport only ran heavily after the initial reinstallation of OSX.4 when i chose it to transfer my settings over to the new system. (thats when the system lost power and made the system unstable) When i reinstalled it again, i chose for a clean install with no settings transfer. mdimport did not run upon the first boot of the system. (it did, however, run for about 10 seconds upon changing the directory of my 10 or so gigs of music files from the previous music file in the previous system to my new music directory.)


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