It seems that the Giga deal 1.8 Upgrade I got here has no temp reporting...

..I was wondering if anyone had ballpark figures for how hot this computer (867 Quicksilver) should run with the giga 1.8 upgrade as per what temperature monitor reports on the hard drive.

Mine would run at 125+ F with the upgrade at full 1.8 and crashed handily, most crashes are eliminated with a downclocking to 1.6 however, every now and then wered crashes happen. They are rare, but they still happen. at 1.6Ghz the Hard drive reports about an even 50 C at "idle" and higher under load. The fan still sounds like its running at full steam until I open the case and it slows down a bit.

Also, do you guys normally report your temps in degrees C or degrees F? Which is more common?

I get the idea that now I must be tearing holes into my computer for it to breathe properly. Are there any simple writeups here or elsewhere about basic, straightforeward case mods you can do to cool a Quicksilver powermac that has been upgraded?

Also, all of my vent holes are dust free!