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Thread: Stuck DVD in MBP

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    Default Stuck DVD in MBP

    How do I get a stuck DVD out of a MacBook Pro. I've tried restarting while holding the eject button and restarting holding the trackpad button. The drive makes a noise like it is going to eject the disc, but the disc doesn't come out.

    Also, if I do manage to get the disc out, is the problem with the drive? Does that need to be replaced?


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    The trackpad button won't work I don't know why. Neither will wireless mice.

    You need a wired USB mouse, then hold the left button and boot the machine. Hold the button until the disc ejects (at least this worked on previous laptops I assume it will on Intel based Macs as well)

    You can try launching iTunes and hitting the eject button.. sometimes that will remove a cranky disc

    also there should be a little hole somewhere in the disc slot where you can stick a straightened paperclip to manually eject the disc but this hole is usually very hard to find on laptops

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    If the disc is trying to eject. It could be the disk hits the edge of the slot as it trys to eject. this was a problem with older G4 powerbooks as the drive just sat inside on some supports and was easy to get misaligned. You might try a thin piece of mylar or paper to guild the disk as it comes out. Use what ever method works best to start the eject cycle then if you can see the disk as it tries to eject you also may be able to guild it out with a toothpick. don't go jammin the toothpick in the slot just guild the disk as it comes out.

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