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Thread: Loose "Neck" on G4 iMac

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    Default Loose "Neck" on G4 iMac

    Is there any way (without having to take apart the computer) to tighter the "neck" on a G4 Flat Panal iMac (17", 1 GHz). It is a little loose.


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    Good question. I have one G4 at work that is kinda loose too, and as far as i can tell, you would have to disassemble it extensively or maybe you can tighten the odd little widgets on the hinges that have the three holes?

    Are those nuts? Do they tighten?

    I just don't know. Post back if you find a way......gotta be others wondering too.
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    I've been meaning to post back a little news. I didn't really find anything but I did notice that if I clamped down my thumb and forefinger on the hinge and rotated, the hinge did rotate some. I don't know if this really tightened it or if it just turns.

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