I have a Seritek 1VE4 installed in Slot 4 of my Dual 2.5 G5. After installation, according to system profiler, the card shows up.

I also have a Stardom (the OEM of the Wiebetech SilverSata II RAID) external RAID drive that uses eSATA. When I connect the drive (no matter what order the machines are turned on, I have tried them all), a warning message says that a drive is connect to Channel X (i.e. 0, 2 etc.). However, the drive data does not show up on the message as the manual would indicate. Also, the RAID does not mount on the desktop, nor does it show up in Disk Utility.

Meanwhile, if I connect the RAID via its available USB2 port, it does show up. I'd appreciate any help. Could the card or cable be bad? Should I exchange the card for a different brand?

The internal drives of the RAID are WD Caviar SE 250MB.

Thanks for your help