I'm moving on up from a B&W G3 to a G4 DA. My ATA133 card is staying in the B&W so I starting looking for a new one for the G4. I noticed that I can get a SATA WD WD2500KS for the same price as a WD 250 GB ATA drive. (I had up to this point figured that SATA is for much newer Macs than mine)

I have three quick (I think) questions:

I have seen posts in the forum about avoiding drives with Spread Spectrum Clocking, but I have also seen other Mac users using this drive. Is this drive OK since you can turn SSC off with a jumper?

The manual warns that using this drive on non-windows systems could result in data loss. Is this WD just avoiding the costs of testing and supporting Macs?

In the G4 will I have room to mount the drive and get the SATA cable connected? It looks like it might stick out a bit more than the ATA cable.

[bonus question] Any suggestions on a SATA card for my Mac? I'm going to be doing some more RTFM so if this is covered to death, I'll just find my answer in past forum posts.