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Thread: Latency, raptor, seritek???

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    Default Latency, raptor, seritek???

    I did not think it was an issue but then I started thinking this should not be happening. What you ask?

    I installed the firmtek/seritek v2+2 card and 74gb raptor. Only item are sys and apps and users are on different ata drive. Symlink seems to be working I think.

    Problem. When I go to open an application, there is a pause/delay, sounds like the raptor is coming up to speed, beachball spins and then the application loads. It is not normal as I have a laptop and friends desktops to compare to.

    Also, when starting up the old drive opens up referencing a folder called resources. I check the startup disk and it is correctly referring to the raptor.

    Is something going on that I am not aware of or any way to troubleshoot or correct the delay? I am a relative novice and basically just following advice I get here.


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    Sounds like the drive was sleeping. Check your Sytsem Preference/Energy Saver settings. Is the box at the bottom "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible." checked?
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