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Thread: Replacement Internal DVD burner for G4 iMac

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    Default Replacement Internal DVD burner for G4 iMac

    The internal DVD burner needs to be replaced on a friend's iMac (G4/1.25 GHz). I have a couple of questions:

    - Will any internal DVD burner work (i.e. in terms of size) or does the G4 iMac require a specially sized burner?
    - If any burner would do, does anyone have any recommendations?
    - If a special burner is needed, where do I get it?

    I've already looked into the replacement job and have my thermal paste ready.

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    Well, Im not sure about the size .... I purchased a Pioneer 111D black.
    I got mine with 10.3.9 software bundle off a retail store from eBay.

    Wanted to use eBay because it would give me some positive feedback for my account.

    You can pick up any NEW bare bones pioneer 111D for around $50.00.
    Just go to google a search!

    I'm real happy with mine .... can burn dual layer disks also.


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    The G4 imacs (with the "swivel lamp" design) use a std. form factor drive, just the same as a tower. Any Mac happy CD/DVD player or burner will do nicely. You need a torx screw driver to crack that baby.

    Check out the optical drive section at OWC; you can get the same drives other places -cheaper - but their "wizard" helps make sure you get the right (write?) drive.
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