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    Default Startup issue

    Hey guys,

    I've been looking through the threads, and I can't find the particular symptoms of my problem, so any help you can offer would be great.

    I've got a G4 with Sata drives running OSX 10.4. I was editing on FCP, and the program froze. A pretty standard occurance. I tried to force quit the program, but it failed five times. So I attempted to shut down the computer using the finder. This also failed. I shut it down using the external power button. I unplugged the tower and let it rest for ten minutes, then restarted the computer. I got to the login screen, logged in, the desktop came up, and then I was returned to the login screen. This happened three or four times, so I restarted the computer clearing the pram. Once again, the same problem. I then restarted it with the board battery removed. Still the same issue.

    Any suggestions as to where I go from here? Thanks for the time.

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    Repair drives/permissions, and run Applejack.

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    Yes, programs should not be regularly freezing and crashing. Find the culprit - bad ram, bad sectors, corrupt directory or preferences, something.

    Next time, boot into Single User Mode and run FSCK. That is why there is the "START HERE: FAQ INDEX" which has "a bunch" of troubleshooting and maintenance steps and tips.

    I think MacFixit has some excellent tutorials on troubleshooting, well worth the $24.95/yr for subscription. Ted Laundau's "Mac OS X Disaster Relief" has to be one of the best, though dated, books.

    PRAM? nothing to do or of help. Your system hadn't updated or written out files and directory. So always boot in SUM or to another drive, run a *current* versions of Disk Utlity and Disk Warrior, and be ready to update your backups and possibly proceed from there to do a restore.

    Make sure you have a backup of your system, your data, AND an emergency system to do repairs, and while at it, keep one of the prior OS X - such as 10.4.7, in case 10.4.8 "breaks" something.

    As soon as you can, install Applejack and use that - it gets run from same Single User Mode as FSCK, only it makes it easy to do 4 other things: repair permissions, look for corrupt plists, delete cache files and folders (which is where a lot of corruption starts out), and delete the swap files, also handy. Something I find helpful for repairs AND before ever doing an OS update.

    Check the RAM with Memtest or Rember at some point.
    Check the drive media with TechTool Pro 4.1.2/4.5.2 or Speedtools Suite.

    If you can, rename or ~/Library/Preferences to ~/Library/Preferences.old - there are instructions from Apple in the same FAQ. I would guess corrupt finder and desktop plist as well as cache folder issues.

    With some maintenance, you should be back up and running, and stable, and hopefully avoid compounding any problems you might have or run into.

    If needed, if your system or filesystem is corrupt, and I am not sure that even TTP will find every corrupt file, sometimes a clean ERASE (zero all) and fresh install is called for (and then backup the system! to another drive; to a disk image; so you can always restore to a good known clean state).

    Depending on what G4, if you spend much time in FCP, you are probably thinking "when should I upgrade to a Mac Pro" - much better platform.

    If the corruption is in /private/ directory, which is likely, you probably need to either restore or reinstall.

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    Lightbulb Safe Boot

    I actually left one item out of all that rant.... the benefits of doing a SAFE BOOT after running FSCK.

    To bypass some fonts and caches, any 3rd party extensions and rebuilt the extension cache file, and to skip loading any items that would normally be launched at login. You do not want to launch anything.

    Hold down the SHIFT key on startup until it says "Safe Boot" mode.

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