Hey Gurus,
Can any of you shed some light on this behavior. I have a G3 iMac 400 mhz 1GB ram and 30 Gb Hard Drive. I leave the computer "on" 24/7 of course the computer is "sleeping" most of the time and it may be days or week before waking the system. On two occasions when I when to wake the system I find the computer has shut down, no orange lit power button. Upon startup I get a loud single tone, and orange blinking button lasting several seconds then the system appears to quit all get quiet then the familair startup tones and the system boots up normally. Before if I had forced a shutdown or pulled the plug on a hung system I never had gotten the loud tone and blinking power buttion at startup.
Pram battery is fine (new ) and the clock and date come up correctly.

Any thoughts on what happend to power down the system and what is going on during the restart.