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Thread: powerbook won't install 10.1 update

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    Default powerbook won't install 10.1 update

    Trying to install Mac OS 10.1 update on a wallstreet powerbook but it keeps on stalling half way through the installation process.

    I have installed this before both on my Beige & B&W G3 no problems.

    I can remember there is a certain order the updates have to be installed.

    So far I have successfully installed 10.0.3, 10.0.4 update & internet explorer security update and trying to install the 10.1 update but no luck.

    Which means I have to start again, Repartion the drive and install OS9, 9.1 ,9.2 and then Mac OSX 10.0.3.

    So are there any updates between 10.0.4 and 10.1 that i am not aware of?

    Spec's are 233mhz CPU, 40gb WD HD, 384mb Ram.



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    I don't think I'd want to run X on a Wallstreet. It'll be a struggle at best.

    If I did I think I'd bypass 10.1/10.2, and go straight to Panther with XPostFacto. You'll probably get better performance, and maybe even an easier install.

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    Got it, started over and this time I left OS9 @ 9.1 before installing OSX not OS9.2.

    Must have been a dirty disk.

    Have also installed XLR8 level 2 cahce software and bumped it up to 150mhz, and used "Tinker Tool" to speed it up.

    Performance wise your right quite slow but really only using it to access my digital camera and light photoshop work internet's a we bit faster than OS9 too.



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