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Thread: lacie drive died again

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    Default lacie drive died again

    so this is the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks my lacie drive died. its a lacie bigger disk extreme connected through FW400. the first time i dont remember the cause or what happened before the computer crashed resulting in the drive not being recongnized, but this time i do. i was exporting a movie in FCE and, then FCE was not responding, followed by finder. followed by hard shut down and no drive on boot.

    so i boot to the disc, DU did not even recongnize anything more then LaCie group SA for the drive. the first time this happened (since Disk warrior hasnt been updated yet) i had a friend bring over his powerbook and i got her repaired on that computer using DW and then switched back and she was fine for a week. apple says an issue was because this is an intel based mac and the pwrbk is pwrpc so i should erase the hard drive and reformat on the intel so i copied 160GB worth of files tto assorted media and today i am here again with an ever more dead drive then the first time.

    my friend is coming over tommorow agin wiht his laptop but i cant have this happen every week any ideas?

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    LaCie stuff plain sucks. Minimal power supply and no cooling. Worst part of them is that silly Firewire RAID bridge. Works like magic....until the magic quits and then nothing but new and identical magic will mount your data.

    Get something like a Granite Firewire box with internal power supply and a cooling fan that moves air. The drives themselves are fine, it is that junky lowest bidder designed case that is so bad. Replace it and leave the drives non RAIDed. Long term that is best for the health of your data. Nothing worse than data storage that doesn't.

    (store, that is)

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    Also, I would switch to either FW800, or start looking at SATA drives.

    I have one FW800 RAID but it is two drives and each is running off its own controller in order to get about 115MB/sec and has worked well. But only had it running for a month.

    I always ask that people don't use "text messaging 'glish" and try to realize it is easier to read when it is really spelled out clearly what you did, what you want, etc.

    If you are working with Intel Macs, you probably want to upgrade TechTool Pro to 4.5.1.

    MacFixit and Macosxhints have detailed how to create a "dual boot" ppc and intel drive with partitions for each operating system.

    OWC has an SATA drive case with 4 interfaces to talk to USB2, FW800/400 and SATA. Looks useful, and handy.

    When shopping for drives, I prefer vendor's enterprise line (WD RE/RE2) that have 5 yr warranty but more important are 24/7, longer burn in time, and may be optimized for RAIDs.

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    best thing i can tell you is just plain get rid of the lacie, i have a d2 500gd fail on me repeatedly, this particular external drive is without fans and air circulation is horrible, basically they die from heat. western digital is good as well as seagate and hitachi, ask rick he knows the success/failure rates of all the different drives. better yet get a burly multi bay hot swap drive enclosure. awesome thing it is

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    Default lacie

    stopped using their stuff years ago.....not good.......look at options from Gurus
    Tom Babb

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