Okay, so a nasty looking black spider just crawled under the keys of my Blue Tooth keyboard just now. Freaking out as I sometimes do (hey, I don't like spiders, what can I tell you?), I turned the keyboard upside down and beat it furiously to get the offending arachnid out from under my '4' key. After I'd done that, it said it had lost the connection with the keyboard. I figured I might have knocked the batteries out of contact or something, so I took the opportunity to put a fresh set in. When I turned the power switch back on however, the green power light on the back comes on for about 5 seconds, then starts blinking. I put yet another set of fresh batteries in it, and it does the same thing. It won't connect to Blue Tooth, and I'm having to revert to the crappy old G4 USB keyboard to do anything.

Anybody know why Blue Tooth is blinking??