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Thread: Power Problems with a G4/450 MHz DP Tower

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    Default Power Problems with a G4/450 MHz DP Tower

    I am having power problems with a G4/450 MHz DP Tower. If the computer is unplugged for a little bit and then plugged back in, the computer will be completely dead (i.e. pressing the power button does nothing). After the computer is plugged in for a while (without doing anything else) then the computer works fine. I've replaced the PRAM battery and reset the PMU but the same thing happens. The computer consistently behaves like this. What else can I do? Does something need to be replaced?


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    Hmmmm.......never seen this exact symptom. Review and be sure you did the PRAM reset correctly (there is alot of bad info out there.....). Not sure what else to blame it on.

    What about third party hardware? Any PCI cards, USB or FireWire device that you could remove and test without?

    How about an NVRAM reset?
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