Hello and good electronics to you all,

My local Apple rep says he knows nothing about sys 9, so "cant help me at all."

Two mac problems

Ethernet using Two machines, 9500 g3/500 os9.1 & 9600 g4/400 osx10.3x.
Ethernet from osx can access os9 machine, retrieve and place files, mount os9 disk on desktop of osx. But from os9 can only get “connecting/ connection failed”
Appletalk on enet2 (pci 100 ethernet card), (tcip on ppp, log on to web by modem port no prob) , file sharing; on, id/passwords 9500 doga & 9600 dogb –
9500 os9, use Chooser / appleshare / dogb
as if os9 sees the osx disk, but try to log in and “connection to server has unexpectedly broken.” OR asks for ID and password --but denies password. checked and rechecked, still no go.
9600 osx, network appletalk is on, tcp/ip is off (if on makes no difference)
File Sharing on 9500 os9 shows connected user, dogb of osx, but still can not connect from os9 side.

Next problem:

G3 beige g4/1000 os9.2
50 gig scsi hd & 120 gig ata hd. Try to connect modem results in “cant find controller” I looked up controller definition and find it is part of the hard drive, but I formatted both hds from os9, installed os9.2 clean. Any attempt to access any modem related software results in “controller” error message.

any ideas?
thanks so much.