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Thread: Drives disapeared

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    Default Drives disapeared

    G5 Quad, OS 10.4.4, Burley Port Multiplier Enclosure, 4 Seagate 300Gig drives.
    New and I've fired them up maybe 10-15 times and worked fine. Now they don't show up on my desktop. All four have green lights. One has yellow light. At first one didn't have green light. Opened and closed enclosure, and it came on.

    What do I do???

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    Default Forgot to mention

    Forgot to mention tha I have a Sonnet Tempo E4P card. Also, it is the #4 slot which does have the orange light on. I swapped the #3 and #4 drives and the #4 slot is still the only one that lights up orange.

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    First off, really got to find a way so that email address isn't used for nickname, really don't want to see that, but...

    Do you have the latest Sonnet firmware? 2.-something which helps and now works with drives that had trouble before.

    What are the models and firmware of the Barracudas? 7200.x?

    Is each drive direct-connect or on a shared connection?

    Did you see the part about trimming the end on the cable in the links I provided?

    Sonnet Fusion 500P 5-Bay
    FirmTek SeriTek/1eVE4
    FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4
    Sonnet Tempo SATA E4P
    Five Drive eSATA Port Multiplier Upgrade

    The review of the FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4 with four drive usage also has how to best setup a RAID using Apple Disk Utility.

    AMUG did some testing of the various slots in PCI Express Quad in one of those reviews above as to what works or not and what to expect.

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    Just tried to reset nickname, but found no option for that.

    Sonnet card: present ROM revision 2.0 Revision ID 0x0002

    Followed the link for firmware update. Downloaded the file, but Stuffit will not recognize it as a stuffed file even though it is .bin. The site also says to download the update utility which is for windows XP. I did read somewhere that this had to be done on a PC, but I'm not sure this applies to this card.

    Barracuda Model# ST3300622AS Revision 3.AAE Not sure where to find out the firmware #.

    Not sure about direct-connect/share question. The drives are mounted in a Burley enclosure purchased complete from MacGurus. The enclosure is connected to a port of the Sonnet card.

    Tried to follow your link to the cable trimming, but Safari could not find the site. I have read refferences to this proceedure on other threads, but do not know what it is.

    The bottom drive in the enclosure has an orange light on, the other three do not.

    The sonnet card is mounted in slot 4.

    I read through all your links and I seem to have done everything correctly. The back up raid, which is identical to failed raid, but on channel 2 instead of 1, is working fine.

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