Again I ask the gurus for help. After reseructing 3 iMac I have one more that has me stumped. A 400mhz slot load G3 iMac. on Power up I get the initial power start sequence, it makes it to the ram test, I get the single error beep, then a faint click it powers down, another click and I powers back up, this time no ram test beep but the small green LED next to the ram slot lights as well as the front LED. then a click and power down this cycle continues until it shuts down buy holding the power button down. Checking all the power pin loactions list in the iMac manual they are all getting the right voltage on the power up cycle but drop out on the power down.

The click seams to becoming from a black box near the degauss connection label RL901 (relay?) They relay appears to switch the degauss but if I disconnect the degauss there is no change. I can not be sure if the relay is the problem or a symptom.

I swapped out the down converter board but again no change. I am not sure it worth putting buying a PAV but I would not mind swaping some conpontest if I new better were to look.

Any Ideas
Thants Bob