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    Default PC Lycom Questions

    I have installed this
    with an burly 5disk PM.

    I had found that my burley was wired up backwards, or it could just be me( I like to count top down). It had the h/w ports to drive bays counting from 4 to 0 from the top down, but the GUI shows 0 to 4 top down, so I reversed the cables and all is well.

    I have noticed the only notification of drive failures to get reported is "RAID5 received an event".
    Is there a way to extend the service thats running so one can email an alert? Or msgbox the drive/port/serial number information? I could not find any developer info @ silImage.

    Do you know if they will be making a more robust monitoring solution? Something similar to the NetCell on the mac?


    G5 1.8(x2),2.5G,2 160GB SATA, MOTU 896,AMT-8, Logic Control & XT, 1.2TB BurleyBox

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    Hello Eric,

    Glad you figured the cables out for changing the drive order.

    Unfortunately, the software that comes with the Lycom card does not have an email function. The Netcell card and the Lycom cards are not in the same class. There is a lot of development money spent on hardware cards and especially the applications that make them run. The Lycom is an inexpensive software based host card, and while it does an excellent job for it's intended purpose it doesn't have some of the bells and whistles that the enterprize class cards do. That's why it's under $100.

    The only drive failure notification is in the RAID5 application. Doesn't grab you by the shorts to get your attention but it does let you know.


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