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Thread: Powermac cluster?

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    I recently acquired 3 Digital Audios (466,533,733 Mhz) for 9,000 YEN (US$90). The Macs were classified as JUNK in a used computer shop here in Japan. The seller told me that they did not check it because the person who sold it to them said the Macs were not functioning. Though the Macs were without memory and hardrive plus full of dust and dirt inside and outside, I still bought them hoping at least one will function. I then install hardrive and memory one by one and ALL OF THEM ACTUALLY WORKED! After I removed all the guts inside and clean it, the Macs looks brand new! I now have 4 Powermac Digital Audios. So , can I make them into a cluster to share processing power by using Xgrid or Pooch? Is this set-up useful/possible for video editing/ DVD authoring? Is it true that computer clusters are used only for computational and simulation purposes only? Thank you.

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    You might want to turn around and sell these (they are very popular) and see if there is something you need. Or dive in.

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