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    Some of this might have been covered on the MDD thread. 9 pages..looked for a while, couldn’t pull a clear answer out of it. I have two questions.

    Upgrade possibilities relating to

    1) My 12” 133 Alum G4 PowerBook
    2) My 1 Ghz MDD

    Wondering what is now available for these machines, and if a reasonable upgrade is even worth it for the MDD?

    The 1 Ghz has been in storage for 8 months Due to extended travels, using the PowerBook 100% of the time now. Both units have the same Ram, 1.25 Ghz.

    I love the PowerBook. But I have put off any project requiring serious processing HP like video, and CADD - although I am more and more into photo processing (and music). Will get back to CADD and video at some point.

    Question 1)

    Reason for still thinking desktop is that this little PowerBook runs HOT man. It has just enough for the tasks I am asking of it but, it really cooks (heat).

    I was just reading that XLR8 offers a 1.67 proc upgrade for the 12”. They claim that this is much much better than a new Mactell. They really go on about this being a better faster upgrade that the Intel chips on a new Mac. Are they just selling something? Or is this really a good upgrade like they say it is?

    Well, I do trust XLR8 from my 9600 OC days. But, I would think the new Intel chips would be around the corner for this machine, and NOT the G4s.

    Of course, there are many board architecture decisions and outright blocks to certain types of upgrades - which are usually solved over time.

    Would anyone care to bring me up to speed on the XLR8 167 upgrade being useful for this machine, of if there are other options - now or maybe around the corner?

    I am also concerned as XLR8 (Daystar) says the 1.67 does run hotter, and this little bugger is already plenty hot.

    Then there is the costs. $445 will turn this 133 PB to a 167 PB.

    Question 2)

    I don’t know if it is reasonable to feel this way, but I am pretty bummed about My purchase of the G4 133 SP 133. IT seems I bought a nice pewter, cause its a Mac and yet, there has been very little available to upgrade this machine. I am used to the fun of Ocing and rolling up my sleeves. Heck, I would definitely thinks about hotroding a PC box if I could and put the Mac OS on it. Not that I am suggesting this as it is illegal.

    What, if anything, can be done with the SP 1 Ghz machine? Is it actually even worth upgrading or is it best to sell it off or give it to charity, cut my losses, and move on? Mind, this machine has been no trouble and it runs cooler than my PowerBook. It just really chafes my hide that I can’t upgrade the durned thang.


    Thanks. Lb

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    1.2GB RAM is nice but essential.

    Nice to have a machine that you can fall back to in case a new system doesn't.

    MacBook Pro or see what comes out this month thru the summer.

    A G5 2.0DP PCI-X and above are going to work and last and good value for a couple years.

    So, too is the iMac-Intel Core Duos.

    If you need portable, the MBPs are having their own issues with heat etc (still in the "rev 1" stage?) but the represent the future.

    G5s aren't upgradable. MacIntel, even the Mini can be ($700 though).

    I would not upgrade 12" but keep it handy. You could sell both machines and get something newer.

    Upgrades for MDD are history, and chances of 74xx's non-existent I would guess (and fear). You could get iMac for $1100 and dual core would be faster than the MDD. Look at the Apple Specials page.

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