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    I have a general video capturing question as I have never tried this before. I will be using either my G3 iBook running OSX 10.4 and iLife 05 / or my G4 PPC running OSX 10.4 and iLife 08.......

    I want to transfer old VHS tapes to some digital format (i.e. MPEG 4?). I'm not too sure where to begin. I'm assuming Mac's have the ability to do so without any fancy software outside of OSX and iLife but you tell me......

    I have an adapter that came with my iBook that is USB on one end and RCA video & S-Video on the other end. Is this for puting video into the Mac or for taking video out ????

    See, I told you, I haven't a clue ! I'm not too i nterested in anything fancy, just want to archive old VHS home movies..... and I'm not even too concerned with capturing the audio portion ! I'm looking for a cheap / down&dirty solution.


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    Roxio sells a product called Easy VHS to DVD for Mac for about $80. Hardware requirements are pretty stiff as I recall. k

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    The ibook adapters etc. with S-video and RCA are video out, not in.

    The trick is you need an analog-to-digital converter. The Roxio product that Kaye mentioned is one (that connects via USB).

    Some digital camcorders have this built-in. My old Sony DV camcorder's video (S-video and mini-jack) ports are both in and out. So I could take the video out from a VHS VCR and plug it into the camcorder. Thereafter, I record it on DV-tape, exploiting the camcorder's built in analog-digital converter. I can't recall whether I was able just to pass it through to FCP (via the FW cable) and capture directly, without first recording it on DV and then capturing that in FCP.

    With a camcorder you'll need to check the specs. Not all camcorders' analog video ports are both in and out. But if you have one, then no additional hardware required.

    I really haven't kept up, but 4-5 years ago, Canopus was highly regarded in terms of quality-price for these types of converters. I thought about getting the ADVC-100, good mid-level, good quality. But that seems more than what you're looking for. But they make others that may be more economical. The Canopus gear tends to be firewire.

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