Time to put the great Gurus to the test once again. UncleMac and friends have really helped me out of some tight spots before, and I can't thank you all enough. Here's a new one...

A friend of mine has an HP All-in-one printer on his PMG4 (1GB RAM) computer. He can print sometimes, no problems, but others the print Que stops the jobs. He'll restart the jobs and then the printer will work fine for a print or two, then stop jobs again. The printer does the same thing with his PBG4 (1.5GB Ram). The ink is fine and there is paper in the machine.

1) What could be causing this issue? Is it likely a hardware, or software problem? How can we test to see which it is?

2) What kinds of things can we do to eliminate the problem?

I hope I gave enough specs, I basically gave you all I know. If you need more, then I'll have to call him and ask.

Thanks in advance for your help,