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Thread: Tiger won't shut down.

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    Default Tiger won't shut down.

    Lately I've noticed that my G5 dual processor tower is freezing when I shut it down. The desktop goes to the blue screen, but it remains blue and I have to manually shut down by holding the power button. I've also noticed it has been slow to start up. Most of the times it starts up if I wait long enough, but sometimes it hangs up during the startup process also. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this situation? I am running OS X Version 10.4.5.

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    Go through all of the OS X Troubleshooting Tips and Maintenance.

    Boot from your emergency boot drive.
    Run fsck whenever you do a hard restart like that.
    Run Applejack later once you are able to and able to safely install it.
    Deep clean all of the cache folders.
    So a Safe Boot.
    Reset NVRAM.
    Run Disk Warrior.
    Buy a new disk drive - "just in case" you need one so you have one handy.
    Add another FW drive + case so you have two backup sets.
    - Maxtor has some nice inexpensive PATA drives, 16MB cache in 200GB and up that do fine in FW. Maxline III, DM10 or 11.

    You probably have a corrupt directory. Could have a disk drive with bad blocks. Could even have a RAM problem resulting in writing garbage to disk. Or even a problem with or conflict with extensions and drivers along with 3rd party background tasks.

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    Default Same problem

    I had the same problem. I did everything Apple told me to do. The only thing that fixed it was a partition/ clean install. Then my new incarnation had the blower fans turn into an hvac system when it goes to sleep. I just don't let it go to sleep now so that problem is on hold

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    Default Also may want to check

    have you added anything non-apple to the Firewire or the USB ports? Sometimes this causes the OS to not respond on the shutdown command... just a thought.
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    Hi Winnie,

    Do you have SpeedTools on there perchance? I recall that I had to disable some of the features in that Suite to get Tiger to allow a shut down.

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