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Thread: Dead channel on Tempo-X eSATA8

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    Default Dead channel on Tempo-X eSATA8

    I just set up my hot swap Burly 8 Bay and connected it to the Sonnet Tempo-X eSATA 8. After a bit of fiddling with eSATA cables I can see all the drives in Disk Utility except 1 ( also 7 green LEDs,never eight). Regardless of what i plug into channel 1 on the Tempo-X nothing shows up. So I am sure that all my cables and connections are good, it seems to be channel 1 is dead. Is this just a bad card or does anyone have any ideas. I did create a stripe set with the 7 drives and used them a bit. AJA benchmarks at around 390 MB/sec on the empty array, which is nice.


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    Two things to try. First is do a firmware update on the card. This usually fixes the problem. Here's the Updater

    Also do a PRAM reset. Hold COmmand+Option+P+R keys for three start up chimes.

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