Im quite new to this place, but I was looking for some info on overclocking macs and came across this forum.

I have a G4 powermac, quicksilver i think 866 Mhz, 256L2, 2MB L3 caches, and I was having trouble pushing the speed over 1 Ghz due to what I think is L3 cache non activation or mis-performing.

The max speed i think i can set the registers to is 1066 Mhz, but when I do that the computer lacks a startup sound, and the About This Mac screen says no L3 cache, and then it will crash soon and say You Must Restart.. yadda yadda..

I had the same problem overclocking to 1 Ghz without boosting the core voltage .1 volt. It would run for a bit maybe with L3 cache, maybe not. But even with boosting the core voltage to (i think) the max of 2.1 the computer will not run stable at 1066 Mhz. The L3 cache wont come back.

Currently its at 1 Ghz with a core voltage of 2.0 volts. (Originally 866Mhz and 1.9 volts(i think)) and seems to work ok at the moment.

I am curious if 1 Ghz is the max i can run this computer or if theres something else i have to do to make it run stably at 1066 Mhz (1.07 Ghz)