Is there any issue with DVI connectors that don't have the 4 little pins around the "wide" pin.

I apologize for my less than precise terminology, but the DVI connection appears to have an array of single pins on the right (i.e., when looking at the connector with the "wide" side up) and then there's a single flat connector on the left that sometimes has 4 pins around it in a configuration like:

* *
* *

Where the asterisks ("*") represent the single pins and the dashed line is this wide connector.

Well, the Samsung 940T monitors I just picked up (mentioned in an earlier post) do _not_ have holes for those 4 pins (i.e., on the female connection on the monitor) and as such the DVI video cables I picked up won't attach.

I looked on the back of the Macs (both G4 and G5) and the DVI female connections on the video cards _do_ have holes that correspond to the 4 pins.

I'm rather bummed as I can't connect the monitors to the computer. Should I be aware of any incompatibility considerations?

Thanks in advance!