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Thread: About flashed video cards

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    Default About flashed video cards

    Can anyone enlighted me about flashed video cards? Cards that were intended for use on a pc but "flashed " to be used in a Mac. Are they as reliable?
    How can you tell if one has been altered?

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    Default Go to the source...

    Everything you want to know (and more) at the forums at: Those guys do it everyday, and share their work.

    The short answers are: They can be perfect if done right, the process varies by card, not all cards are flashable (actually only a rather small percentage) and there is no way to visually tell if a card has been flashed, much less flashed right.

    If done right, they will not be overclocked (which can cause the card to run too hot, which could kill it in short orer). If done right, they will have a full version of the firmware ROM data for Macs, not a "cut down" or reduced version (a reduced ROM instruction set will likely not work correctly with future OS updates). Reduced ROM data sets are one way to get around the fact that many PC cards have smalller actual ROM chips than Macs, so the Mac firmware will not fit on it. The second option is to remove the small ROM chip and soldier on a larger one. Board level soldiering is not for beginners!
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    Thanks unclemac, I'll check it out.

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