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Thread: iMac G5 Hard Drive Temp Sensor

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    Default iMac G5 Hard Drive Temp Sensor

    I replaced a hard drive in a new imac G5, but the temperture sensor was mounted to the previous hard drive. I have been told that the computer will run fine without it, but something makes me want to replace it. Does anyone know where I could buy one to replace the previous one?

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    I could be way off here, but I thought the rev 1 and rev 2 G5 imacs had the heat sensor on the drive cage, not the drive itself. I know I have swapped drives in a couple and had no issues, and no parts needed to be replaced.

    Found this at

    There is a drive temperature sensor built into the iMac G5 that you can sample with software (like Temperature Monitor) but the sensor isn't touching the drive and measures only ambient air temperature -- which gives you a lower reading -- and is therefore misleading. High operating temperatures have been proven to cause premature drive failure. Someone suggested moving the iMac's temp sensor closer to the drive. One of our remote mad scientists created his own heatsink for the iMac G5's hard drive using aluminum foil. It brought the drive surface temperature down to 105F. It's a shame Apple can't do something similar to lower the temperature.
    Does this not sound right for your G5 imac?
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    Cool iMac G5 HDD Temp Sensor

    The iMac G5 (iSight) comes with a Temperature Sensor board glued directly on the HD case. It you are patient, you can use a couple of very small flat screwdrivers to pry the adhesive loose and stick it on the replacement. As long as you don't crack the printed circuit board it should still be good.
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