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Thread: Laserwriter 8500 weird malfunction ???

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    Default Laserwriter 8500 weird malfunction ???

    When I turn on my 8500 it goes through the normal warm-up routine and prints a superb test page as it should. About a minute later however it prints another test page, and continues to print another one at 70 to 80 second intervals thereafter.

    When I give it a printing job, it takes it another 70 to 80 seconds to print another test page, and after only 20 to 30 seconds it prints the document. I just did this again with a 1 page MSW doc, and after that it stopped printing more test pages, but after about 5 minutes I tried printing a JPG image, which it wouldn't do. This has been a pattern for a while now. I can print as many of the same source pages, but if I need to switch from a doc to an image, I have to restart the printer.

    I am not using a duplexer on the 8500, it has 48Mb of RAM, and a very low page count (under 20,000). My computer is a 2.66 GhZ Dual Core Mac Pro tower.

    This is driving me nuts. Hopefully one of you gurus have run across the same problem & have already figured it out, and any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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    I would probably start with tossing any preferences for the printer. Also you might remove and reinstall its drivers as the second step. I would guess you have power cycled the printer - probably a bunch of times and restarted the computer...

    You might also try downloading and installing the OSX Combo Updater from Apple that matches your current operating system. If you are running 10.5.8, for instance, you would search Apple Downloads for 10.5.8 Combo Updater. Download and install it. It will overwrite most of your operating system with a fresh copy. If there is a corruption in the print software it might just fix it. You would still need to delete the printer preferences as those are not touched by an OS installer.

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