If you have been following my sticky thread in the G5 Forum, you know that including all of the worldwide scenery, this can be huge, about a 58GB folder.

These screenshots are dumbed down for the web which causes the streaking in the sky, water, and runway. The actual game views are great. Today started with an SFO ILS28R approach from outside the Outer Marker flying with trackball and keyboard, B747-400:
Pic of ILS28R, just about at the Outer Marker which is at the San Mateo bridge.

500 feet, 28R ahead.

200 feet, the 3 white and 1 red lights on the left of the runway indicate glide slope and are correct for a heavy. 2 white would be correct for a narrow body aircraft.

Whew, stopped on the runway in position to taxi off.

Another view. Rescue balloon in the background.