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Thread: Sonnet's New Stuff (for Feb)

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    Looks like Sonnet has a few new toys. Can the Fusion 500P with port multiplier and the Tempo SATA E4P card deliver the same speed on one cable and one connection as using the card w/multiple connections to individual drives (assuming drive thruput limitations)? Or is it at least fast enough for SD video?

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    We will be offering our own Multiport enclosures, already are in fact. They can be configured to support any kind of speeds we saw from a directly connected 8 drive on an 8 port card. Basically we will see over 200 MB/sec with 4 or 5 drives connected to a single SATA cable. If you add two of those together with a total of 8 to 10 drives you will see over 400 MB/sec. More than enough for any HD project.

    The best part of the port multiplier system is that you can now build large arrays, up to 20 drives on a single card, using smaller and much cheaper drives. 250 GB drives are much lower in cost than bigger 400 and 500 GB drives. With the ability to keep adding drives we can get the capacity we need without resorting to near $1 per GB large capacity drives!

    I do not yet have testing with more than 1/2 the total drives that are capable of supporting so I don't know how fast this thing can get, especially not with the huge capabilities of PCIExpress. Very solid and reliable setup though that I expect to make a big dent in the market.

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