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Thread: Mystery Notebook SATA controller

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    Rolleyes Mystery Notebook SATA controller

    As everyone knows, there were several attempts to introduce a SATA controller for the PowerBook. These attempts did mostly fail because of the support issues and because the performance of the SATA controllers for notebook was pathetic - acceptable reads but no more than 30 MB/Sec on RAID-0 writes.

    However here is some surprising news - straight from Rob-Art:

    "We discovered this when testing a new SATA Cardbus PCMCIA card. We had a dual drive HW RAID 0 box connected to one of the ports. On the April 2004 AlumBook, we got 100MB/s READ and 80MB/s WRITE. With the card installed in the October 2005 AlumBook, we got 62MB/s READ and 64MB/s WRITE."

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    Ciao ataMan,

    is always good to read your posts. I enjoy them thoroughlly .

    I have two observations about the 2004/2005 PB difference in HD performance:
    1. The 2004 PB did *NOT* have the Bluetooth port connected to the PCI bus (through the PCI USB controller), while the 2005 PB has that. As the CardBus bridge is ALSO connected to the PCI bus, I would tend to think that such port presence draws valuable resources from the bus' total data throughput capacity.
    2. The same issue applies to the keyboard/trackpad USB port: not present on the 2004 PB "vintage", *BUT* there - on the PCI bus - on the 2005 one.

    As such PCI bus runs at 33MHz and 32-bit wide on such I/C circuits, the maximum theoretical data throughput would be of 132MB/sec. But with all those controllers, bridges and ports connected to it, the 2005 model surely must be somewhat penalized.

    What do you think?

    Ciao for now.
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