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Thread: XLR8 G4/400 zif troubleshooting

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    Default XLR8 G4/400 zif troubleshooting

    Managed to get hold of a XLR8 zif for a blue & white G3 got it to work for a while and now it fails to boot.

    I have tired it in 2 other B&W's with no success.

    I have Installed both the Apple & G4 firmware updates on all machines.

    Did manage to get it to boot on my Beige g3 but it Had no backside cache!!
    really strange you would open the XLR8 control panel and there would be nothing on the cache tab just blank.

    I tried everything i could think of... any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Default

    I have tired it in 2 other B&W's with no success.
    If you're sure you had the jumpers configured correctly, and all the pins are straight/clean it's probably safe to assume it's toast.

    The 400 G3 I bought from the Gurus back in '01 is currently happy doing 466 in my Beige. It's 10c cooler than it was at 400 in the 8600. Haven't tried 500 yet. Don't know if I want to tempt fate that much.

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    you need some form of cache control software to enable L2 on Beige, but not on B&W.

    I bought G4/500 XLR8 yrs ago, still working, was in B&W but now in Beige MT using Daystar cache software for 10.4.x

    B&W w/ G4 needs PC100 8 ns (125 MHz) OR PC133, and is fussy about mixing, and doesn't like all SDRAM (including any OEM or 64 and 128MB SDRAM).

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    If I remember I think you need to enter a registration number and the cache will work. - Randy

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