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Thread: No bootup chime after firmware update

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    Default No bootup chime after firmware update

    - G4 AGP, dual 500mhz (now Giga dual 1.8ghz), 10.3.9 -

    Was running firmware 3.3.1f1, needed to be upgraded to 4.2.8f1 to then be upgraded again with the Giga disk to recognize the 7447 processors. All went well, and the Giga board rocks. But, I have no startup chime when booting. The speaker still works, so it's not that. I seem to vaguely remember a thread on this kind of thing, but couldn't search it out. Any thoughts?


    >> UPDATE: Disk Warrior seems to have somehow solved the problem. Or maybe it's coincidence, but things are working right again after a DW session. Go figure... <<
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