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Thread: Acard AEC6880M in a B&W G3

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    Default Acard AEC6880M in a B&W G3

    Currently in the process of switching systems and are having problems trying to boot off an Acard AEC6880M PCI card in a B&W G3 rev.1.

    both the card and drive were taken from a 9600.

    I thought it would be a simple process taking the components from one computer and transfering them to another.

    I am able to boot of the normal ATA bus using a 2gb drive running OS9 and see both the card and drive but when restarting with the drive connected to the ide card it came up with seperate instances:

    first it was just the grey screen with purple folder Question mark flashing, and now it is booting into open firmware asking to type in "mac-boot" when i do it comes up with a sreen saying "DEFAULT CATCH" and a series of other numbers and does noyt go any further.

    The drive is a seagate barracuda 7200rpm 120gb 8mb cache.

    I have just realized too that OS9.2 is installed but it needed the old world support helper because it was from a 9600 would this be a factor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Are you running the latest firmware? Check Acard's site for that.

    Have you zapped the pram or done an Open Firmware reset.

    Do you have any other cards installed, if so what are they?

    Now those said, I will tell that I've seen that very problem (default catch in OF) with that very card on that very Mac. I used to own a B/W rev. 1 using the 6880M. With that in mind, when I saw it, it seemed to be tied to the other cards I had installed -- in my particular case there was also a 6260M (aka Sonnet Tempo ATA/66 installed).

    I can't remember exactly but I had to switch the slot order to get those to work. I think I had the 6880M in the last slot -- the one closest to the drives; but it easily could have been the other way around.

    So if the first two suggestions of checking/updating firmware, and zapping the pram (or open firmware reset) don't help, then you might want to try shuffling the cards you've got installed.

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    Yes i think your right with the slot placements. I reinstalled OS9.1 then the update to OS9.2.1 and it worked for a while then came up again when i moved the card from the slot furtherest away to the closest.

    The firmware is "AEC-688om V2.43"

    I have booted into open firware and tried " Reset-nvram, set-defaults and reset-all and it did seem to work the first couple of times but no longer does for some reason.

    So still stuck with blinking Question mark of death.

    I will now check the latest firmware on the Acard site and confirm i have the rigt one.


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