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Thread: Question about video cards on an MDD

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    Default Question about video cards on an MDD

    I have a MDD upgraded from DP 867 to 1.42 (digidesign upgrade).

    Runs like a top. Haven't had a kernal panic in nearly 10 months.

    I have two monitors. One runs off a 9800 Pro Mac Edition Card (128 meg) in the AGP slot, the second monitor runs off an ATI 7000 card (32 meg) in a PCI slot.

    The other day a friend of mine was visiting and asking what all I had in the box. He then informed me the 9800 had a dual head and could run both monitors. Something I didn't know. So I put both monitors on the 9800 and sure enough it works.

    Now I'm not sure which configuration I should go with. I know the 9800's memory is now split with 64 megs going to each monitor.

    What's the opinion here?

    I don't do any heavy gaming so I'm not concerned about taht.

    I do mostly photoshop/illustrator work. Sometimes some really big poster sized graphics.

    Am I better off sticking with the 32 meg PCI card for the second monitor or putting both on the 9800 in the AGP slot?

    I'm must wondering what the pros/cons are. OR does it really matter?

    ALl I use to second monitor for is getting rid of screen clutter. All my quark, photoshop and illustrator windows and menus go on it while I work on the image/layout on the main monitor.

    Thanks in advance.

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    My guess is you could lose the 7000 if most of your use is 2D. If you don't notice any difference in performance in your normal work flow that means you get that PCI slot back for something more important.

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    I had a 9000Pro AGP and a 7000 PCI installed in my MDD cuz Linux did not support dual screens on the 9000Pro, this is fixed now.

    PCI bus performance was degraded with the 7000 installed and heat was an issue too, so I removed the card as soon as the dual head was working on the 9000 in Linux.


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    I run two monitors (mirroring, in different rooms) off the 64MB OEM 9600 and not a problem.

    Always nice after posting a question to hear the end of the story. I had hoped you would remove the 7000 as they do affect PCI bus bandwidth (I know, I tried once).

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