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Thread: G4 Sawtooth in B&W ????

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    Default G4 Sawtooth in B&W ????

    Just wondering if this was possible a G4 sawtooth motherboard in a B&W case?

    Would it physically line up with the ports? and could i use the exsiting power supply to run it?

    I have considered a converted ATX supply as from the XLR8 article on Sawtooth to ATX case but was wondering if it would be as simple as removing the existing motherboard and replacing with the sawtooth?

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    yea it will work . you might have to mod the back of the case and get PSU from a Sawtooth

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    Along with modifying the back -- Sawtooths have more slots -- you'll probably need to do a bit of modifications to the door. I'm pretty sure the mounting holes are different, so you'd need to create/install your own standoffs for the Sawtooth motherboard and make sure you get enough clearance from the old one's for the BW motherboard (or be sure to put some electrical tape on them). Otherwise you risk shorting something out when the Sawtooth motherboard contacts the old metal standoffs in the wrong place.

    For the standoffs you can probably get away with the ones used in PC cases, e.g. the plastic ones, and a bit of drilling.

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