A little older Mac stuff from outta The Shop

Two Dual CPU Daughter Cards (8500-9600 Macs) one is a 200MHz and the other is a 180MHz. These have been powered up in a 9650 WGS running OS X 10.2. They handled OS X pretty well, better than I expected as I am running a Newer Tech 300/150 for the main CPU on the 9650 WGS. These are Guarrented NO DOA. If you are into video editing or photoshop this just might be what you need to speed things up. Please note will not work in Kansas logicboard. 200MHz $35.00 Shipped, 180MHz $30.00 Shipped in the lower 48.

Next a little something for the Beige G3 owners, upgrade Zif CPUs from Newer Tech. 366MHZ Zif CPUs tested and working, checked on a Beige G3 DT. system profile says 366MHz, note needs software to enable L2 cache check xcl8yourmac as they have drivers for the Newer Tech CPUs. They do run at 366 but even with out the cache enabled they are pretty quick.
I have 4 of these. $22.50 each shipped anywhere in the lower 48