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    My setup is Quicksilver 2x800 (I will be ging to dual 1.8 in a few days)
    1.5 gig of Memory
    FirmTek SATA
    2 x300 SATA Segate Baracude - not Raid - seperate.

    I am wondering about the speed of the memory. It is being reported as PC133 3-3-3

    Just for argument sake, lets say that is what the memory is at. How much real world speed increase would I get if all the memory was 2-2-2? (Also if my real memory is 3-2-2) how much increase would there be over that config?


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    sorry for my late reply, but "my office" duties have been merciless as of lately...

    Let me answer your question by simply inviting you to read through this post of mine, which I have recently posted in the Apple Forums.

    I think that reading through it will answer your question.

    My final suggestion is to avoid "mixing" SDRAM modules bearing different timing specs: go for identical in specs SDRAM modules for safe operations.
    Above all, buy your SDRAM modules from reputable vendors which can guarantee you both top quality and after sales service. It will be worth it even if it may cost you a few extra bucks.
    IMHO, good reputable RAM vendors are:

    Hope the above may be of some help to you.

    All the best.


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