Success so far. I installed Tiger on the 80gb. It restarted and booted right up! Plugged the internal 200gb drive into the SeriTek 2+2, it mounted right up. Plugged the 2 250gb drives that are in the Burly into the 2+2, partitioned them 200/50 (or so) leaving space for an OS so they can be booted. Right now I have Retrospect doing a backup of the files on the 200gb internal onto one of the drives in the Burly. Tomorrow I'll do the same on the other Burly drive, creating an off-site backup. If all goes well, everything shoudl work just fine when the office opens.

I've been here about 9 hours today doing this, sitting in a server room with no windows and no a/c on a holiday weekend. It would have been untold more hours without the help of TZ and Biggles. Once again, the folks on this board have amazed me. Thanks guys, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

All the best,