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Thread: Replacing Power Supply On G4 FW800 - odd question

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    Confused Replacing Power Supply On G4 FW800 - odd question

    Hi all,

    I think I have a power supply problem. My FW800 power mac for the past couple of weeks has simply died, powered off completely and instantly from time to time. Usually it would come back on after a few minutes, and then run fine until the next time.

    Today it completely died, and wouldn't come on at all. I suspect this is a faulty power supply problem. Ok, here's the thing. Due to very odd circumstances, I happen to have a replacement power supply lying around. It's the one they sent out for older mirror door power macs to make them quieter. Is there any reason this power supply wouldn't work in the FW800 power mac? It seems to have the same specs, and is a 360w just like the one I think has died.

    So, can I replace the power supply I think is bad in my G4-FW800 with the power supply sent out to quiet earlier mirror door power macs. I hope to hear from someone, as I need to get this machine up and running fast.

    J Admore

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    Default Yes..

    All Mirrored Drive Door Macs use the same pin out Power Supply.

    And the two versions are the 360w and 400w (some have different part numbers but are all interchangeable).

    This MAY not fix your issue tho.. try reseating the CPU card if the PSU fix doesnt do it.

    Alternatively, check the PRAM battery and if all else fails remove PRAM battery for 8-12 hrs...

    Good luck!

    PowerMac MDD Service Manual:
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    Default Thanks!

    So far so good. I've installed the new power supply and all seems to be well. If I have any further issues I will try the others things you suggested.

    Thanks again.

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